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Tracking Your Statistics With Fitness Journal

It is difficult to get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you are right now.

Tracking your own personal statistics is an important part of any fitness or diet program. Recording your information allows you to know not only where you are today, but how your current information relates to where you were a week ago or a month before. Are you improving? Are there patterns to your own behavior and habits that influence your personal statistics?

Fitness Journal allows you to keep a daily (or weekly, or monthly) record of your own personal statistics. Statistics include your weight, body fat percentage, hours of sleep per night, resting pulse, and body measurements.

Once you have entered your information, you can graph this data to see changes over time. While its easy to just ignore the scale, its nice to have information to compare to. Even if you are not satisfied with what you might see today, you will then have a solid foundation that you can use as a benchmark in the future.

Once you have established your current statistics, we can use this information to set weight loss goals for the future.

The stepping stones of success
The weight loss target graph helps take a large weight loss goal, and turn it into manageable weekly steps. Losing 20 or 30 or 80 pounds can seem like impossible wishful thinking. How can I stay on track long enough to lose the weight?

Instead of viewing your goal as a single point, we challenge our members to meet weekly weight loss goals. While 30 pounds may sounds impossible, 2 pounds sounds certainly attainable. Turn the mountain into a series of well planned steps and you will reach your goal in no time at all.

Set a weight loss target. Set a completion date. Calculate the results. Is your weight loss goal realistic? You can change your target weight and completion date until you find a realistic goal that provides reachable weekly goals.

Each time you update your own personal statistics, your weight loss graph keeps you up to date with your current weekly goals. As you meet each goal, the next week’s goal comes into view. One week at a time, you get closer and closer to your target weight.

Nobody is perfect. There will always be setbacks to reaching any goal. Your weight loss goal chart will automatically adjust to your current statistics and guide you in to reach your final target weight.

Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Your BMI graph will also keep up to date based on your most current statistics. A colorful chart displays healthy, overweight, and obese categories and will plot a point that matches your height and weight. As your weight changes, your chart updates automatically.

Each time you modify your statistics, your BMR, the number of calories your body needs while at rest, is also re-calculated. BMR accounts for 60 to 70 percent of your calorie requirements for the day, not including exercise. BMR uses height, weight, age and gender as part of its calculation. We use your BMR value in other areas of your fitness journal.

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