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A Tour of Your Workout Journal

At the heart of Fitness Journal is your personal workout journal. This tool allows you to keep record of every workout, every calorie burned, every mile you travel. Entering a completed workout into your workout journal is incredibly satisfying. You had a great workout. Take a minute and record your results.

Customize your journal from a list of over 40 sports and activities. You only see the sports and options that you select. Track your 10,000 steps a day. Track your heart rate zones, record your distance in miles or kilometers. We provide lots of options. You select just the stuff you want. Your journal is flexible. You can change your settings at any time. If you need a sport that is not our list, just ask and we will add it for you.

Once you have added your favorite sports, you can start adding your daily workouts. As you add information, your journal will provide a summary of your hours, miles, calories, steps, etc.

Results You Can See
As you build up your database of workouts, you will be able to evaluate your results using monthly, weekly, and daily charts. Its easy to review your own workout performance based on your past history.

Fitness Journal offers an entertaining, and educational view of your own workout history. Are you slacking, or on the edge of burning out? You will actually start to see your own working plan in a whole new light. You may find that based on your historic information you will have better results by adjusting your plan, or your goals.

Painless Workout Entry
Fitness Journal is easy to learn and maintain. Most of the tools can be used without ever reading the instructions. You fill in the key information about your workout, and FitnessJournal calculates the rest.

Lets say you go running today. Log onto your fitness journal and click on the workout journal icon. Select running from your list of favorite sports. Enter some basic information about today’s exercise. What time did you go? How far did you travel? What was the weather? How long were you gone? What was your intensity level? How would you rate your workout? What shoes were you wearing?

You have the option of writing a summary of your workout in the workout details box. You can also save this workout as a regular workout so you can call it up later and save time reporting this workout in the future. Save your workout and you are done. Total time: Less than a minute.

With each workout you record, you will gain a clearer picture of your own fitness level. Having a complete understanding of your current fitness makes it easy to set goals for the future.

Plan Your Workouts In Advance
Schedule your activities days, weeks, or months in advance with our workout planning utility. You can view your upcoming workouts or share your workout plans with your friends and workout partners using the friends sharing section. Get control of your entire training season from the very first day.

How You Use Your Journal Is Up To You
Everyone has a different way they use their journal. Some athletes enter their information in once or more a day. Other athletes enter their information every few days or once a week. How and when you enter your information is up to you. In general, the more actively you participate in your own fitness journal, the better you will understand your own goals. The more consistent you become with your entries, the greater your rate of success and the more motivated you will become to complete the goals you set.

Online or Hard Copies
You can choose to print and store your daily workouts in a 3 ring binder. Just select the print link on your workout journal to view high resolution versions of your journal pages designed just for printing.

A 52 week workout graph
The 52 week chart provides a full year perspective on your workout habits. You can learn an incredible amount about your own training by monitoring your workout records over the long term. You can watch your training program build over an entire season. Your 52 week chart is a good indicator for how well trained you are for an upcoming event.

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