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Athlete Testimonials

Fitness Journal is a great product designed to help you get the most out of exercise plan. Here are just a few comments from Athletes who are using

Thank you!  Your site is awesome, I appreciate your help.

     Karen A.
     Newburyport MA

I've been using and enjoying my fitness journal on a daily basis for more than two weeks. Thanks for creating this well designed site!

I love the Cross America map! I think this is the best tool for motivating me to continue working out long term. I'm going to make it all across even if it takes me a couple of years!

     Anastasia K.
     Glendale, CA

I really love this Fitness Journal!
     Julianne R.
     Johnson City, TN

Thanks for an excellent, highly motivational tool for my personal wellness!! The reminder emails REALLY make a difference for me!
     Linda S.
     Bowie, MD.

I let my subscription lapse and was away from "my" Fitness Journal for nearly 2 months. When I resubscribed this evening, I was very impressed with the new "look"...and I realized how much I missed using the web site to keep track and keep motivated!
     Deborah N.
     Alexandria, VA

I love using Fitness Journal. It has helped me track my progress on a long road back to health. Thank you!!!
     Amanda D.

Thank you for creating such a basic useful tool. One day I was desperately searching the web for some "secret" as to how to lose some weight. I am actually a fitness instructor and am working towards an associates degree in nutrition, but I could not understand why I was struggling with my own weight. I joined your site, then immediately thought to myself, "that was stupid--I can just write down what I eat and how much I work out. I don't need to pay money to do that." Nevertheless, I began recording my progress on your site, and within days my problem was solved!!! I was consuming too many calories in a day! Although I eat mostly (not always) healthy food, I did not recognize just how many calories I was eating, or how many calories those seemingly harmless high-sugar snacks contain. What a breakthrough!! Also, being able to see my exercise progress, it motivates me to work out more. Now I eat fewer calories and do more cardio, and I am starting to lose weight. It is all so basic, but until I saw it in front of me, I was in denial. Thank you so much for the reality check!! I am finally back on track and feeling in control.
     Lori Pilvines

Well I've got to tell you I'm just as pleased as punch so far with your service and product.  I think what you are offering is great, and I particularly like the fact that I can access it on the web (so I can do this stuff from the office when I'm supposed to be working!) ... in a world where there is so much value-less crap for sale, its rare to see a product/service that is reasonably priced that can be valuable to a good number of people. 
     Bryce B.
     Rochester, NY

Love your site and use it on a daily basis to monitor my walking program, weight and BP. Also include my golf and scuba activities. I make copies for my doctor (BP, exercise, weight) which he includes with my records. This resulted in getting my health insurance premiums lowered. I am 57 and now in the best shape of my life…even better than when I played college football!
     T. Gaffney

Keep up the good . . . no, make that outstanding work on

I loved this website so much, I signed my husband up. Now we're both hooked. It keeps me incredibly motivated to workout which has been a challenge for me in the past. I've found that having a place to log my fitness progress is highly effective, because I can see my progress. My fitness goals have become even higher than I'd previously imagined, because I'm so motivated to stay on track now.

My husband, surprisingly, also uses the food journal. It has helped him to eat in a more conscious manner, because he knows he's going to be logging it in his food diary. He tracks all his stats, too, like weight, sleep, etc. Overachiever!

We are always surprised by the changes/improvements you continue to make to an already great website. We applaud you for listening to you clients' feedback and being willing to implement their ideas. Each tweak takes it to an even higher level.

Your obvious enthusiasm and dedication for this website comes right into our home . . . and helps us be enthusiastic, too! We tell everyone we know about it. We wish you continued success.

Job well done,

     Kathie N.

This is really cool. I just joined the site a few weeks ago in hoping that it would keep me motivated and I'm hooked. I just love it! I can't wait to log in each day and I have been telling everyone about it. Thanks for a great site.
     Lori G.
     Corona, CA

The site is great. Fun to use and clear ways of displaying the exercise info. I like both the pie chart and the calendar chart. Both ways are useful.

I printed up my two days entries and showed them to my doctor. He is impressed and made a note of the web address for other patients.

     Margaret S

If anyone is looking for a good online fitness journal, check out I like it because I can access it at both home and work, and they are able to make improvements to it practically every week. It will track the mileage on your shoes for you -- and the virtual trek across the United States is also pretty cool. I'm already in Nevada and it's only February 2
     Ken Dorn

Nothing to suggest, just wanted to say that I LOVE this website,when my subscription runs out in a year I will DEFINITELY be renewing!!!!! Keep up the great work!!! Awesome
     Twila S

I've been using for almost a year. It is a terrific way to track what I'm doing. I really believe in cross training and having a chart of what percentage of my exercise is each type right on my home page is perfect for being sure I'm staying balanced in my plans. In addition, I can track performance on events and keep track of my times with a place to record how I feel and other intangibles (would I go back to this event in the future). I've tried several different online programs and find this the best I've ever used. Reading the discussion boards, it seems that everyone from absolute beginners to experienced recreational athletes (like me) to pretty serious competitors are successfully using Plus, the developer is great about updating the program with features that users request. He's added several that I asked for.
     Seema Sonnad
     Philadelphia, PA

I travel a lot and this site is the most effective tool I've found for keeping my workouts consistent. I can work out anywhere and log the miles, etc from anywhere in the world. Regardless of the season or my location, the site stays consistent and acts as an anchor or home base for my workout. So whether I'm running outdoors with a pedometer or on a treadmill with data readouts, I can track my progress with all the charts (which are so fun) and stay in contact with other runners/walkers without missing a beat. I also print out the charts for my doctor and trainer, who are delighted to see all the details at a glance.
     B. Darcey
     Colchester, VT

Hey, all your new updates are great and I have to say I don't use all of them just because I don't have time to look at all of them! But just checked out the comparison chart and that is cool.... Thanks for making such an awesome fitness journal and providing great support and updates. Truly a great tool, and it has helped me in my training to see what I have done and to have as a great reference down the road.
     Elise Yanover
     Toronto, ON

I wanted to send you my thanks for this program. I love seeing the weekly graphs of my is very motivating. Thanks to you I am starting to exercise more regularly!
     D. Davis
     Olympia, WA

I would like to thank you for the quick cancellation. More companies need to follow in your footsteps with not only the speed of responding to requests - but the "no questions asked" trial of a product or service! Service was great - but I just started to South Beach diet which does not "count" calories or carbs which seems to be a large part of the service you provide.

Although I am not in need of your services I will defiantly recommend it to friends!

     Steven Campbell
     Martinez, CA

Thanks for a great place for fitness freaks to go every day.
     Brenton P
     Dover, OH

I just wanted to take time out to tell you just how grateful I am to you for creating this website. I am coming up on a month since i joined and already am seeing wonderful results. I have always been knowledgeable about health and fitness but had seriously motivation and consistency issues. Now, because of your website, i look forward to every workout, every meal, every day. I love the charts and graphs and the simple food journal. I tell all my friends at work about your website. I love being able to track my daily stats and then going back to see my progress. I have a target to meet by end of this year, then i want to maintain my fitness level, thanks to your site i feel confident i can meet these goals. I am hooked for life!! Thanks! THANKS!!!!!!! and THANKS!!
     Yasir A.

The Fitness Journal continues to amaze me and I absolutely love it !! I use it every day faithfully; ok, I take a break when I am on vacation. I have been using FJ since its beta phase where I found it to have a ton of great options; now, the

continued improvements and additional features make it even better and a well-rounded tracking mechanism for any level from a mere novice to a true full-fledged athlete. The owner, Chris, continues to be always readily available, helpful and welcomes new ideas and improvements for its users. If you are looking and thinking, look and think no more. You will NOT be disappointed. It is a STEAL for what you get. Come join the fun with all the rest of the FJ junkies !!

     Maria Fournier
     Rochester, NY

WOW! Just wanted to say thank you for the new "Food Beta Guide" I emailed you this suggestion/question about a week ago, when I didnt hear from you I got nervous, BUT I just saw it up and running! Thanks for being so in tune with the needs of your consumers! I cant tell you how grateful I am! Thanks, Another Happy Costumer,

     Kirby Wycoff
     Fort Washington, PA

So far everything is great, I love this journal and have recommended it to all my friends.
     Lisa Roberts
     Aurora, Co

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the fitness journal. It's a very quick and easy way for me to keep track of my workouts, progress and identify areas I need to improve upon. Keep up the excellent work!
     kelly strouse
     Orlando, Fl

I love this website. It is great and has really helped to get me to the gym more.
     Lorna Miller
     Orange, CA

Just wanted you to know that the reason I joined up is that I love this idea of crossing the U.S. Its a great long term goal.
     Linda Miller
     Parker, CO

Without Fitness Journal I doubt I would be into almost 12 months of solid running. My goal for 2008 is to run a half marathon. It's with your fantastic product that I now have the confidence to continue. (38 years young - non smoker for nearly 12 months!)

     Kate T.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying your website; it has been incredibly motivating. Kind regards,
     Cat L.
     Research Triangle Park, NC

To start with, I've been using Fitness Journal since December 2005, but I logged all my paper data (since June 2005) into Fitness Journal as soon as I possibly could. (I started triathlons in the late season of 2005.) I now have a complete and comprehensive understanding of my training and efforts that was completely lost to me before.

I absolutely love Fitness Journal. It's the best thing I've found--and actually used--since the purchase of my Garmin Forerunner 201! Thank you, Chris, for putting together an intuitive and intelligent design with super-quick performance. I love seeing how far I've come along. I really enjoy the correlation between effort and results (e.g., the charts and graphs). I especially love the "Calories Burned ... Last Ten Days" scale on the main page. Talk about a successful technological integration with relevance and motivation! If it's not you, then I would like to say that someone at TAGE has an excellent grasp on effective performance improvement (PI) and training concepts. (I'm a Master student studying instructional design and technology at CSU Chico in California. My focus happens to be PI in E-Learning environments, so your site is particularly interesting to me on many levels.)

Thank you again for meeting the needs of athletes (of all abilities) with a product and service that exceeds all others. I will definitely keep a subscription going.

One very satisfied and happy customer,

     Amber D. Evans
     Amateur Triathlete and Performance Improvement Consultant

I'm really impressed with the service, thanks so much.
     Tami R.
     Tucson, AZ

Wow, you guys are amazing. I noticed A LOT of changes the other day when I logged on. What an amazing site and company. I'm so impressed to have been contacted so quickly and being kept in the loop. You all get a very big thumbs up from me. I'm so happy with the site so far...even if it is only my second week journaling etc. Keep up this great work and customer service!Thanks for adding the water aerobics, that's GREAT! Looking forward to seeing it!~ PS: The site changes are GREAT!!!!!
     Shannon M
     Sammamish, WA

Chris your site is awesome! I have never been as excited and motivated to workout. I look forward to logging my track across America. My friend and I have a bet who gets there first. The new weekly workout graph you just loaded ROCKS!
     Bill Knox
     Charlotte, SC

I love using the fitness journal. I am surprised that I have stuck with it--I'm very happy about this. Thank you for a great program.
     Amber K

Well I want to throw in my two cents. I love it! It is helping me to track my progress....and I even get excited working out knowing that I will get to add it to my tracking afterwards.

Nice clean site......well worth the expense....feel well cared for and apporeciate your additions to an already great site

     Michael F.
     Salinas, CA

I just want to say "THANKS". I'm 44 years old, and thanks to your website, I've been able to regain my love of running I had in my 20s. I'm a better runner now, due to my being able to keep close tabs on my performance. Oh, and I've lost 70 lbs too. Thanks again. You've got a friend here in Rochester, MN!
     S. Johnson
     Rochester, MN

Chris, 3 1/2 years, every run, every time. Finished crossing the US today! Thank you for building FitnessJournal! This has been a fantastic tool, great motivator!
     Michael Chermak
     Coronado, CA

While I have your ear, I have to say that fitnessjournal is the best journal I have used, and I have tried them all. Thanks for putting together a great product!
     Randal K
     Mountain View, CA

Because of fitness journal I was able to track my workout and prepare for my first and second triathlon. (sprint) It has been very rewarding to be a part of this community. I still hate the run !!! Next up, the MS bike tour. This a seventy-five mile ride through blueberry fields in southern New Jersey. Thanks for the hard work you do.
     Eric C.

Double Ditto! I love this site. I joined a gym recently so I could have more variety in my workouts and the Fitness Journal is wonderful for showing my progress. I am a doctoral student, and my goal is to be healty throughout this trying experience. Thanks for the motivating site Chris!
     Sarah S.
     Mulberry, FL

I love the walk across America chart. Gives me long term goals to look forward to. I know I will be a looooong time getting across America since I am only recording my miles from exercise, but I feel this strengthens my desire to get out and exercise.

Also; my dog is my weight loss partner, I really look forward to visiting the Vet, I think he will be impressed.


Hey, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the 10 bonus days!! I am thoroughly enjoying using Fitness Journal. I've been telling my friends about it. It's crazy, but it really is a motivation to come enter the new data after a workout and start analyzing.
     Terry Bailey

WOW! what service. I suggested an odometer for the stationary bike on new years day and by the time I woke up on sunday the 2nd it was on the journal.  THANKS CHRIS. I will spread the word about this great program.
     Dennis Stewart
     Hemet, CA

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